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Jessica Ritsche

Department of Anthropology, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb

I am a current Master’s Student in the Midwest in the field of anthropology (specifically primatology). I will be graduating in May and plan to continue my education in a PhD program. My inspiration for this site was an unfortunate and sad experience, but has caused me to pursue accountability for conservation-based programs.

This site will be monitored by myself and all review posts will be reviewed before publishing on the website.

Kimberly Dingess

Department of Anthropology, Indiana University, Bloomington

This website is also supported by Kimberly Dingess of DANTA: Association for Conservation of the Tropics. DANTA hosts a range of field schools that focus on primatology, and more recently bat, bird, and plant biology, throughout summer and winter in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. There is also a DANTA blog regarding sustainability, conservation, and relevant articles, featured by some of DANTA’s very own alumni.

This non-profit organization is in support of the “concept” that drives this site, and the website itself. They are not excluded from reviews, regardless of response, and do not influence the review process.